Moxi Media Inc.
Moxi Media Inc. is an information technology solutions provider specializing in GIS applications for the Internet.
We distribute a software product called the Internet Mapping Framework which is an application framework used to rapidly deploy powerful, high quality customized web-mapping applications.
Moxi Media originally developed the IMF as an enterprise application for the Province of British Columbia, Canada. Due to strong interest from other organizations following the successful implementation of IMF in BC, we established an agreement with the province to allow us to continue the development of IMF and distribute it to third parties. Since then, the Internet Mapping Framework has been adopted by many enterprise-level organizations worldwide.
If you take a few moments to understand what IMF is, you'll want to use it for your web-mapping applications too. Here's a few reasons why:
  • Much lower overall project cost
  • Rapidly deployed applications
  • Robust stable well-tested code
  • Easily customized and extended
  • Real GIS geoprocessing capabilities
  • Uses ArcIMS or OpenGIS-compliant services
  • Enterprise Java based solution
  • Low bandwidth thin client application
  • Rich tools such as PDF print or e-mail a map
  • Ongoing client-focused development
  • Responsive client support
If you are starting a web-mapping project, or have one that you are just not happy with, we should talk. Please feel free to contact us anytime for more information about IMF, or just to chat about your project.
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