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Internet Mapping Framework
Product Overview
Moxi Media originally developed the Internet Mapping Framework (IMF) under contract to the Province of British Columbia to provide its government departments with a consistent interface, a reusable set of tools and routines, and a supportable infrastructure for their web mapping applications.
Following the successful implementation of IMF within the BC Government, we negotiated an agreement with the province's Intellectual Property Program to allow us to continue the development of IMF and distribute it to third parties. There are now many other organizations using IMF and it has proven to be very reliable and robust.
IMF sites perform very fast, are simple to understand for end users, require a minimum client browser configuration, and are very quick to deploy by web site developers. Web mapping sites are developed by creating XML configuration files. Using the IMF, fully customized web mapping sites can be set up quickly, often within a few hours, usually without any programming at all.
The IMF was engineered to make it easy to add new routines and interactive map tools. The IMF object model has powerful capabilities such as geoprocessing and projection support. It is the ideal platform for the development of sophisticated web-enabled spatial applications.
IMF is available for licensing at a small fraction of the cost of developing even the simplest custom application.
If you want further information or have any questions about the Internet Mapping Framework, please contact us.
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